We're not only differentiated by being #1...

But our products speak for themselves

Packed to the Brim

We pack the air pretty tight into these little cans. Through compression, we get you more breaths of air and oxygen for your money. We also means we can ship around the world more cost-effectively. More high quality air at a better value, its how we’ve become the best name in canned air.

Date Stamp

We all go outside for ‘fresh’ air, so how fresh is canned air? With our products, we stamp every one with the exact bottling date. This is a very innovative way of thinking about air quality, and its part of our commitment to delivering the best products to our customer.

Proudly Canadian

We’re a Canadian company, founded by Canadians that serves Canadian air, and we think that’s important. It means that we’re serving the world’s best air while employing Canadians. Our values of quality, service and innovation are all grounded in our roots as Canadians looking to be leaders in our market.

Hand Bottled...the only way!

You might wonder why we would go through all the trouble to hand bottle our air. The reason is that we can ensure our standards of quantity and quality are met, and it also means our products contain no CFCs or propellants. No oil, no grease, just pure air. To us, this is the only acceptable way to breath.

Innovative Mask

It’s important that our customers get the most air out of every can. A mask was a natural solution to help you breath the most pure air while keeping ambient air out. We’re always looking for ways to innovate not only the quality of our products, but also how our customers enjoy it.