We've designed all of our products with the customer in mind. We wanted all of our products to be easy to use and convenient to carry.

Unlike dated products that deliver air in cans or bags that quickly disperse, our air is compressed in a can that sprays just like an air freshener or perfume. Vitality Air features one of two deliver methods:

Freshness at Your Fingertips

Our 3L bottle uses a specially designed one piece aluminum body that allows us to capture and retain the freshness. To use this, you simply remove the lid, position to product to spray, and push button to enjoy.

Effective Delivery Method

It’s not enough to have a great air, we also needed to have a great quality canister to deliver it in. We’ve invested a lot into a simple, stylish and convenient can that reduces waste and gives our customers more air for their purchase.

Our 8L version is the most popular model. We’ve designed an ingenious face mask that helps you trap in that fresh air goodness. By holding the mask to your mouth, you can breathe multiple breaths without having any Vitality Air escape.

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