Sodastream Refills

Get better bubbles for less! Vitality Air offers CO2 refills for all your Sodastream products at a fraction the cost of in-store refills and cartridges. 

Our facility produces the highest beverage grade quality CO2, so you’re getting the best bubbles at the best price. Why pay retail markup? Stop by for quick service and start saving.

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Beer Gas Refill

Running out of gas for your beer kegs is like running out of propane for the bbq; it puts the whole night on hold. Don’t disappoint and stop by Vitality Air to get topped up. We have the best prices and we exceed all standards for beverage quality gas.

If you find yourself in that emergency situation, give us a call! We’re available 24/7 at 780-802-0665.

No accounts or unnecessary paperwork, you’re in and out quick and back enjoying your brew.

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Paintball Tank Refills

Paintball is an exciting hobby, but the costs of equipment can add up. Vitality Air offers HPA or CO2 refills for all your paintball tank needs, with prices lower than you’ll see almost anywhere.

Safety and performance are our top concerns when dealing with recreational compressed air. Our facility is safe, certified and operated by a team of experts. 

We’ll get you in and out quick, so save yourself some money and stop by our Edmonton facility. 

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