Each one of our bottles goes through an extensive list of quality control checks before they get shipped out!

Our quality control technicians are responsible for ensuring each bottle of air or oxygen that we ship out meet our quality control minimum requirements. Each of our technicians will then sign off on the bottle with a sticker at the top of the cap!

How will you know who passed your bottle? This is how each signature looks, and a little more personal information about each quality control technician!

Rhoda is the quality controller at Vitalityair. As a parent and with a hectic schedule of work and family life the belief that the balance between our quality of life and air are entwined to maintain our health, pleasure, wellness and work. A Canadian who shared with her family and friends the exploration of the many beautiful places like Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan , Paris, Belgium, Amsterdam and a few United States cities knows that having the fresh air to breathe can be difficult at times. Rhoda’s experiences and knowledge of travel to the many countries resulted in the enthusiasm to work together with Moses and Troy to flourish the passion and the need of providing fresh clean air to everyone in the world.

Eiling is a quality controller at Vitalityair. Her story began as an immigrant from Hong Kong who completed her studies in Psychology and Administrations at the University of Regina, now resides in Alberta Canada. Growing up in Asia Eiling understands the diversity of the continents especially how the quality of air we breathe affects our daily functional activities. Eiling expanding her family adapted the way of life in Canada growing more environmentally cautious and aware the difficulties to draw and maintain the essence of nature. Eiling is now a strong believer in sharing her fortunate breathes of uncontaminated air with everyone around the globe through vitalityair.com.