8 Liters of Lake Louise Air, Provides Approximately 160 Breaths Of Fresh Lake Louse Air

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Our 8L bottle with two in one face mask bottle is filled with the crisp mountain Lake Louise National Park air in Canada.

  • Guaranteed purity & freshness with our high grade single piece bottle

  • Innovative spray cap for precision delivery

  • Meticulously checked for imperfections by quality control

  • Fits comfortably within your purse, satchel, gym bag or backpack

  • Lasts up to 150 one second inhalations

  • Weighs: 130 g

  • Dimensions:  6.7 cm x 23.8 cm x 6.7 cm

Check out our built in 2 – 1 mask which provides a direct source of fresh air from our product directly to your face! Great for if you’re in a heavily polluted area and you’re looking for “a breath of fresh air” With this product – you can definitely enhance your vitality one breath at a time.

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