We look forward to working with you.

There is a few things we will need from you for our website while you await your first shipment.
– Photo of you.
– Bio
– Any video’s or particulars you would like posted or shared as well.

We will ship you out xx bottles a month as well as create a code where by you can purchase extra bottle from us for person us or for resale. We ask that you do not share this code as the prices being offered exclusivity to you are below wholesale prices and are only designed for our premium athletes and their road to excellence. We encourage you to order extra and reseal it or be a local distributor for us. In turn allowing you to make extra money.

In return we will request that you feature us in your social media campaigns, website and everyday life. We request you only feature us in a positive element as well.

We request the following as a minimum;
– tweet about us 3 times a month.
– Instagram 4 times a month
– Facebook 3 times a month.

We request that you use the following hash tags when ever appropriate too.

Plus feel free to be creative and use what fits your sport and what you believe in as well.

In the event you don’t subscribe to one of these platforms we ask you double up on some of the other ones. Also videos are fantastic and we will be happy to help plug them as well on our end when ever we can.

Once we grow as a company and as a team together we will increase our monthly product to you as well.