Authenticate Your Products

At Vitality Air, we take our products seriously.

Each bottle of Vitality Air goes through strenuous quality checks prior to shipping out, and comes from pure Rocky Mountains. It’s important to us that you experience the best quality air in the world, which is why we’ve added authenticity codes to all of our bottles.

Why is this important? To combat counterfeits with inferior quality.

We believe our brand and integrity is all we have. We’ll go through great lengths to ensure we protect our brand, and therefore our customers. We want our customers to feel confident they’re breathing the real thing.

All you need to do, is enter the email you ordered with, along with the Authentication Code you received with your bottle of product, and our system will be able to tell you immediately if your product is authentic, as well as the distributor you purchased it with.


Congratulations, your can was verified successfully. We hope you enjoy your product!

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The verification code and email address you entered did not match. Please check your authenticity code on your product and re-enter it again. If the problem persists, or, if you feel you’ve purchased a non-authentic product, please contact us immediately at